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GIDP is a multi-faceted, Kenyan-registered non-governmental organization that provides educational and social services to the children of Mukuru kwa Reuben slum, an “informal settlement” located in an industrial area in Nairobi.

By far the largest component of GIDP is Gatoto Community Primary School, though GIDP separately, also offers HIV/AIDS counseling as well as food aid and medications to the poorest families. GIDP’s 2017 budget of approximately US$ 400,000 includes a little more than $300,000 for Gatoto School.

Founded 24 years ago by community leaders, Gatoto School now enrolls 1,092 students. The school is independent and not religiously affiliated. Its student body is roughly 50/50 boys and girls and comes from varied religious and tribal backgrounds. The school campus is near the western edge of Mukuru kwa Reuben. The 2009 National Census asserts that the slum has 76,000 residents, though current estimates are higher. Because other educational options are painfully few, Gatoto offers an education to students who would otherwise not receive one.

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American Friends of Gatoto (AFG) a 100% volunteer registered 501(c)3 non-profit established specifically to raise donations for Gatoto. AFG’s limited direct costs are paid by restricted Board member donations. One hundred percent of all other donations are forwarded to Gatoto.

Board members are in regular contact with Betty Nyagoha, the school’s head. At least one board member makes an on-site inspection of Gatoto annually. Betty Nyagoha, the school’s head, traveled to Washington, DC, and New York in October 2015 and again in October 2017 to discuss the school’s work with local GIDP board members as well as current and prospective donors.

In 2015, its first year of operation, AFG raised and forwarded $85,000 in donations for GIDP.

In 2016, we raised $100,000 to help fund Gatoto’s operating budget; in addition, we donated $45,000 to pay the majority of the cost for the construction of a much-needed drainage trench on the school’s northern boundary.

In 2017, AFG donated a total of $165,000 to Gatoto–$100,000 for 2017 school operations and an additional $65,000 for hot meals, secondary school scholarships, and other purposes.

In 2018, we will send Gatoto more than $170,000. These donations are allocated as follows: $100,000 for the operating budget, $15,000 for the morning porridge program, $25,000 for flood mitigation, and $30,000 to renovate Gatoto’s middle school toilet complex. Additional funds will also be donated to support scholarships for Gatoto alums in secondary school or at university.


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